Commercial Litigation


At Vegh IP, we serve the commercial litigation needs of individuals, professionals, and businesses of all sizes with a presence in California.  We have represented clients across the commercial spectrum, such as software designers, component part manufacturers, telecommunications companies, insurers/insureds, appraisers, homeowners associations, industrial designers.

Vegh IP’s litigation roots grew from the handling of complex state court commercial disputes, including but not limited to breach of contract and licensing matters, unfair competition claims, trade secret violations, trade libel, fraud, high-stakes insurance bad faith, employment matters requiring class certification, real estate, appraiser/accounting liability matters, and administrative tribunals.

Vegh IP’s experience in an array of legal disciplines gives the firm an uncommon agility and analytical judgment valued by business litigants.  Mr. Vegh is experienced in every phase of commercial litigation, from inception through trial.  He is a tenacious client advocate whose persuasive written, verbal, and interpersonal skills are influential to success in a commercial dispute.  He has tried commercial and administrative cases to judges and juries, and his clients have won.

The following is a small sampling of Mr. Vegh’s representative commercial litigation successes:

  • Successfully represented software licensor in breach of contract action against second largest multi-national retail chain in the world, developing expertise in foreign discovery under the Hague Convention and Letters of Request procedures, subsequently resulting in multi-million dollar favorable verdict.
  • Successfully defended telecommunications provider in “bet the company” administrative trial before the Public Utilities Commission, saving client from license forfeiture and certain closure.
  • Assisted in securing certification of class action plaintiffs against regional newspaper for breach of contract and labor code violations, subsequently resulting in multi-million dollar settlement.

Early in an engagement, Vegh IP seeks to develop a deep understanding of the business, the market, and most importantly the tangible and intangible relief sought by business clients under their contractual and other rights from the dispute resolution process.  Vegh IP brings its litigation experience and expertise to:

  • evaluating the merits of a dispute and presenting litigation risks and rewards to client management and business teams
  • developing and executing efficient and cost-effective litigation strategies tailored to client objectives
  • providing budget projections based on specific task benchmarks
  • tendering claims to insurance carriers for defendant clients under relevant policies of insurance
  • selecting and collaborating with qualified experts retained to testify on critical issues
  • mentoring and preparing client representatives for depositions, mediation, and/or trial while seeking to minimize intrusion on business and personal lives

Breach of Contract and Other Claims

The following are examples of the types of commercial contract disputes handled by Vegh IP:

  • breach of license
  • breach of supplier agreement
  • breach of development agreement
  • breach of distribution agreement
  • unfair business practices
  • non-compete clauses
  • breach of confidentiality/non-disclosure
  • Rights of Publicity
  • False Advertising
  • Trade Libel


Vegh IP also drafts business agreements for clients such as licenses, assignments, leases, distribution, service, and co-development agreements, co-existence agreements and settlements, as well as confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, amongst others.

At Vegh IP, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the sometimes uncertain and complex waters of commercial litigation to reach their destination.  We hope to inspire your trust and confidence with our responsive, goal-focused, straightforward approach.  Please contact us today to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.