Intellectual Property Litigation


At Vegh IP Legal, we serve the intellectual property litigation needs of small to large businesses in Los Angeles and throughout California, the nation, and internationally.  We enforce and defend patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret infringement claims.  We also collaborate with corporate and business attorneys whose clients need intellectual property counsel.  We manage all phases of an intellectual property dispute, from cease and desist letters, initial pleadings, infringement and invalidity contentions, high-volume discovery, percipient/expert depositions, expert reports, claim construction, through law and motion practice, and trial.

We have represented clients across the technology spectrum, including but not limited to the following industries:

  • medical and dental device makers
  • biotechnology
  • therapeutics
  • microbial sensors
  • food packaging
  • software
  • botany
  • telecommunications
  • construction
  • industrial metals and automotive
  • consumer products
  • apparel branding
  • media branding

Litigation of Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret Infringement Claims

Although imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, the infringement of intellectual property rights is not only illegal but can be very damaging.  For many businesses, a significant justification for acquiring intellectual property is to be able to enforce their rights against infringers.  Vegh IP helps client patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret owners objectively analyze their intellectual property rights, identify potential infringers, and develop an enforcement strategy.  With equal determination, we help clients accused of infringement pursue all reasonable defenses supporting non-infringement and if relevant the potential invalidity or unenforcability of the plaintiff’s intellectual property, in addition to evaluating the potential viability of pursuing reexamination, inter partes review, or post-grant review proceedings against an asserted patent.

We Listen to You…

Select Vegh IP as a trusted advisor to help make informed decisions that are right for your business.  We really listen to our clients in order to thoroughly understand their businesses, their market, their short and long-term goals, and most importantly the tangible and intangible relief they seek from the dispute resolution process.  This information provides the roadmap for us to evaluate how best to address cease and desist demands, licensing options, or whether to litigate.  Sometimes, an early settlement is advisable and achievable.  In other cases, aggressive litigation may be necessary to achieve client goals.  But once the strategy is set, Vegh IP will tenaciously execute.


Vegh IP believes objectivity and candor are keys to the successful resolution of an IP case.  As intellectual property litigation can be expensive and time consuming, the objectivity of the counsel a business selects to assess the merits of a case can be an important consideration.  For plaintiff IP owners, Vegh IP is ideally situated to represent their interests particularly when the underlying IP rights were secured by a different firm.  Having been detached from the underlying prosecution, Vegh IP is able to provide a fresh objective assessment of an IP owner’s scope of rights.  Importantly, our firm will not be required to testify during litigation about the decisions made by other prosecution counsel.  This allows Vegh IP to focus on your case and your best interests. 


Mr. Vegh’s litigation experience and technical agility are a potent arsenal in the advocacy of IP matters.  Just as important, he is a skilled negotiator who excels at preventive counseling and recognizing when a client win outside the courtroom can be better than one achieved inside.  These skills are the byproduct of having been “lead counsel” in over one hundred patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret infringement actions venued throughout the district courts of the United States.  The following is a sampling of Mr. Vegh’s representative cases:

  • Represented medical device company in patent infringement matter involving surgical laser technologies in the District of Massachusetts, designated second-chair counsel at time of settlement on eve of trial.
  • Obtained summary judgment in favor of biotechnology company in a patent infringement case involving immunoassay technologies in the Central District of California.
  • Successfully represented leading sunglass manufacturer in multiple patent and trademark infringement actions venued throughout the United States.
  • Successfully represented leading apparel manufacturer in multiple patent and trademark infringement actions venued throughout the United States.
  • Successfully represented bicycle manufacturer in trademark and trade dress infringement actions in the Central District of California.
  • Successfully represented ‘ultimate fighting’ apparel manufacturer in trademark infringement action in the Eastern District of Michigan.
  • Successfully represented a leading provider of decorative construction materials and methods in multiple patent infringement actions in the Central and Southern Districts of California.
  • Obtained permanent injunction and damages for marketing company in copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and unfair competition action in the Central District of California.
  • Assisted in obtaining summary judgment in favor of image enhancing software manufacturer in patent infringement case involving scan conversion and editing software in E.D. Texas.
  • Represented software company in copyright and trademark infringement action involving healthcare provider grading system in the Central District of California.
  • Obtained permanent injunction on behalf of well known regional boat show in trademark infringement and unfair competition action against competitor in Central District of California.

South Bay Trademark Trial and Appeals Board Attorney

Mr. Vegh has also represented many clients in over eighty proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB), both in opposition to new trademark registrations and seeking to cancel existing registrations.  Mr. Vegh also counsels clients on domain name issues under the UDRP guidelines of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN ).

At Vegh IP, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the sometimes uncertain and complex waters of intellectual property litigation to reach their destination.  We hope to inspire your trust and confidence with our responsive, goal-focused, straightforward approach.  Please contact us today to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.