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Vegh IP Legal specializes in the Litigation of Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Infringement actions.

At Vegh IP Legal (“Vegh IP”), our mission is to efficiently provide quality legal services that are responsive to your needs and goals so you can get back to your business.  We view a client engagement as not only a legal representation, but as a collaboration. We have collaborated with clients across the technology and commercial spectrum, including but not limited to medical device makers, biotechnology, therapeutics, microbial sensors, food packaging, software, telecommunications, construction, industrial automotive, industrial extrusions, and consumer product industries, as well as branding for apparel and marketing media clients.  We seek to provide legal services that reflect the enthusiasm of start-ups/entrepreneurs and the experience of established businesses.


Manhattan Beach Intellectual Property Litigator

Our practice focuses on:

  • patent litigation,
  • trademark litigation,
  • copyright litigation, and
  • trade secret litigation.

Attorney Stephen Vegh has vast IP litigation experience, having represented entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses, and large corporations in over one hundred intellectual property infringement actions in federal district courts throughout the United States.

Patent and Trademark Prosecution

A portion of Vegh IP’s practice is dedicated to the prosecution of patents and trademarks before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the filing of copyright applications with the Copyright Office.

Commercial Litigation

Mr. Vegh also represents clients in commercial litigation, including complex commercial contract and unfair competition matters.

IP and Business Agreements

As an adjunct to our intellectual property and commercial litigation practices, we also draft business agreements for clients to protect their intellectual property and commercial interests.

Privacy Counsel to Consumers and Businesses

Vegh IP provides counsel to consumers and businesses concerning their rights and obligations under federal and state privacy laws that protect personally identifiable information and data.


We provide our clients with sensible fee arrangements based on our unique business model, the absence of big-firm expensing, and our transparent approach to litigation budgets and transactional projects.  We do our best to clearly identify task benchmarks with corresponding fee estimates.  Depending on the project, fee arrangement options may include hourly, fixed fee, segmented fee cap, and/or hybrid fee arrangements that are tailored to the business objectives and legal needs of our clients.  Vegh IP may also be able to provide monthly retainer arrangements that provide clients the option of receiving “on call” general counsel legal services.  Ultimately, Vegh IP’s objective is to provide fee structure options that align our interests with that of our clients.

Vegh IP hopes to inspire your trust and confidence with our responsive, goal-focused, straightforward approach to legal representation.  Please contact us today to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.